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Body & Soul Pose Yoga Prop List

Price Mini Discription
Blue, Purple, Black, Pink or Dark Green
$25 Simply the Best
$12 Great tool to help w/ Lunges & Side Standing Pose
Blue, Purple, Black or Green
$10 Wonderful tool to reach unreachables
$20 Multi purpose in a yogi’s life
$12 A must for relaxation
$13 Helps supporting ankles, wrists & more
$47 An absolute for Restorative & Passive opening. Shouldn’t be left without. (Top)
Blue, Purple, Black, Pink or Dark Green
$20 Stylish way to carry your awesome mat & more . (Top)
Create Your Own Yoga Kit & Save More!
Blue, Purple, Black, Pink or Dark Green
We'll price it for You! Pick any 3 or more of the above items to creat your own kit & enjoy 4-5% more savings on your total.(Top)

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Ultra ¼” Yoga Mat
The most valuable tool for yoga, Extra thick (6.2 mm, just over 1/4"), twice as thick as other mats, Textured, non-slip surface, Extremely durable, machine washable, Ideal rebound response, 72" x 24" x 1/4" (Top)
Yoga Block
To aid in your yoga practice, Soft, scratch-resistant exterior, Beveled edges for added comfort, Lightweight, Extremely durable, 4" x 6" x 9" (Top)
8" Yoga Straps
Useful for yogis of all levels, Anti-slip cinch buckle, High quality, extra durable fabric, 1.5" wide, 100% cotton (Top)
Mexican Yoga Blanket
Perfect for cushioning & more, High quality, heavy duty material, 80" long by 50" wide, Machine washable, Soft, non-irritating fabric, 50/50 cotton and acrylic blend (Top)
Eye Pillow
To soothe and deepen relaxation, extra large (4"x10"), Lightly scented with soothing lavender, Filled with organic Flux seeds & Lavender, Can be used frozen, or heated (Microwaved 1 min.), Each eye pillow is hand made (Top)
Yoga Wedge
Relieves ankles/wrists joint stress, Soft, scratch-proof exterior, Flat top for added comfort, Lightweight, Extremely durable, 20"L x 3"D x 1"H (Top)
Yoga Bolster
Creates support, comfort for passive/deep stretching, 28" long x 10" across, Removable cover for easy washing, 100% cotton cloth, Round, cylindrical shape, Handles on both ends (Top)
Yoga Mat Bag
Sturdy zippered bag. Sturdy, Solid, Thick, durable 100% cotton. 2 zippered pockets. Comfortable shoulder strap (Top)

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