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Join us for a
7 Day Seasonal Food-Based Body & Mind Cleanse
It's not a Fast, it's a Feast!

Cleanse Date: November 12th to 18th & Kick Off Date: November 10th, 2015

A few of my clients have been asking me, “How do I know if I need a Cleanse?”

In case this question has crossed your mind too, here is what I believe:

You may think your body is operating "okay" & all is somewhat “fine” NOW, but have you thought about how perfect it can be when your body regains its true alignment?

Let’s see! Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

-Your concentration or clarity are off and you find yourself not remembering things, being “down” at times or experiencing different levels of anxiety throughout the day/month

-You have mood swings and are not happy with your responses & reactions to simple issues. You would like to be nicer (to others & yourself) and be happier

-You feel tired throughout your day or or exhausted after excerise instead of energized

- You have a hard time falling asleep at night or have become a light sleeper, leaving you tired in the morning

-You drink tons of water to hydrate but instead find yourself simply needing to go to the restroom

-You try to eat a clean diet but aren't sure if it is actually serving you

-You are bored with diets and are looking to experience new flavors, varieties and fresh options

-Your digestion is just not cooperating and you may have issues with food comas (lack of energy after you eat), bloatedness, and/OR you have one or none bowel movements in a day

-Your inflammation persists and it is affecting your joints, muscles and may even cause pain or swelling

-Your cravings for sugar/caffeine/flour/alcohol and more have got the best of you and you’re looking to reset your system to minimize these foods in your daily diet

-You can’t seem to shake off those last 10lbs (or more/less) no matter what you have tried or how much you exercise

Any of these issues could mean it’s TIME for a Cleanse. And NOT just any cleanse, the right one. One that provides you with the basic steps to bring the body back into balance. Nothing will really work (supplements, foods, pills, water, electrolytes, “quick fix” detoxes etc…) unless you take care of your body at its most basic level.
Don’t Miss Out!
Join Us!


Top 5 Reasons to Cleanse with Us
Join us to do it!

Persian Cranes
1. You will increase your energy
Cleansing makes your body run efficiently by cleaning out the buildup of toxins. The toxins that accumulate in your intestinal tract and liver compromise your system, setting the stage for chronic illness, like heart disease, obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure. Eliminating these toxins will cleanse your body, leaving you with more energy to live life to the fullest.

Looking Good
2. You will look and feel fantastic
This Cleanse has immediate effects that will make you feel optimal now!
-Clearer eyes and skin
-Sharper Mind
-More restful sleep
-Improved digestion
-Increased energy
-Weight/Fat Loss

Yummy Goodness
3. Your digestive system will thank you
This Cleanse will give your body a much-needed break. The nutrients from the juices, smoothies, and foods are pure and highly absorbable, meaning less work for your digestion system.

Be Transformed
4. You will feel physically and spiritually transformed
My favorite aspect of this Cleanse is the overall feeling of enlightenment. When you connect with your body and its needs you will feel a stronger spiritual connection as well.

Reboot Life
5. Reboot your Life
This Cleanse can be a life changer if you let it. Not only will it refresh your body but it will also motivate and teach you to eat healthily. Using the tools gained from this program, you will be able to make healthier choices when it comes to your diet.


7 Day Seasonal Body & Mind Cleanse Tele-seminars
Its not a Fast it’s a Feast!

We start with a Kick off Call 2 days earlier, then Cleanse for one week.
With Moj Razmi, 500 ERYT Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Lecturer & Health Enthusiast

Congratulations on making the choice to take good care of You!

I am thrilled that you are planning to join this Cleanse with us. I am in this with you and will support you throughout the whole process. Can’t wait to cleanse together!

What’s Next?

- As soon as you register at ( I will send you a short questionnaire. Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible & send it back to me. This will be our simple benchmark of where you are before this cleanse
- Next you will receive your copy of the Cleanse Manual with all the guidelines
- You can start restocking your pantry and refrigerator, using the lists in your Manual, with all the wholesome, yummy, good-for-you-food
- Our first Teleseminar will give us a two-day head start, you can gett your questions answered & confidently start the Cleanse week.
- We will have 3 more Teleseminars during this 7 day program; Day 1, 3 & 7.

Here is the schedule of the Teleseminars:

- Kick Off Call 2 days earlier, Tuesday 11/10/15, then a week of Cleanse Thursday 11/12/15 to Wednesday 11/18/15

- Kick off Call*:
Call with Q/A 6:00-7:00pm PST Introduction to the Manual, Review the goodness of this cleanse + Answer any questions
- Day 1 : 2nd teleseminar* with Q/A 6:15-7:00pm PST First day of Cleanse, How has it been; meals, activities, + Answer any questions.
- Day 3 : 3rd teleseminar* with Q/A 10:15-11:00am PST Day 3 of the Cleanse, Cleansing in progress, How you feel, How has it been; meals, activities, + Answer any questions.
- Day 7 : 4th teleseminar* with Q/A 6:15-7:00pm PST Last Day of the Cleanse, Congratulations!!!, How do you feel (inside & out), Do you feel lighter, How to come out of the Cleanse & keep up with the good work!

* The calls are recorded, so you will have access to recordings in case you miss any.

Your program includes:

- Manual/Guide
- What / Why / When / How of a Seasonal Cleanse
- Your Grocery List / In your Pantry & Refrigerator
- Where to Shop
- Foods to Avoid
- Morning Routine / Self Care
- During the Day Routine / Self Care
- Evening Routine / Self Care
- Cleansing Menu
- Cleansing Recipes – Foods, Snacks, Drinks
- Four (4) Tele-seminars* (Live Calls - will record for future access)
- Meditation Audios (online)
- Breathing Audio (online)
- Mini Yoga Practices (online)
- Unlimited motivation & support on private facebook group throughout the cleanse week
- And Bonuses!

- Juicer & blender (for during & even after the cleanse)

Cleanse Cost: $219 or $438 $397 / You & Your Buddy
To register please go to . (paypal account needed)


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How do I know what to do & where to get support?
We’ll have four phone meetings (teleconferences): one before the Cleanse, to get you started, & three during, to give you full support. There is also motivation & support on private face group, with like minded participants cheering each other on.

Will I still benefit from this program if I couldn’t attend the calls?
Yes, the calls are recorded & the access information will be sent to you so you can replay them at your convenience.

Is this a Fast?
No not at all. It’s more like a feast than a fast. You will cleanse your body & mind not only with delicious food & drinks but also with loving self-care.

Is this a drink-only cleanse?
No. You will be eating and drinking soups, stews, steamed or lightly sautéed veggies, smoothies, green juices and tea elixirs.

How does this Cleanse work?
During this cleanse you will nourish your body & mind with loving self-care and giving your internal organs clean nutrients and care so they can only focus on healing, reconstructing, & renewing. Therefore you will jump start your body’s natural healing and tuning powers.

Will there be special ingredients required for the Cleanse?
All the ingredients are real food! Which you can easily find at your local farmer’s market, Whole Foods, Trader Joes or even Costco!
However I like adding some supplements such as protein or superfood. These are only recommended but not required.

What is the cost of this cleanse?
Beside the $219 or $438 $397 for 2 buddies, you will need to purchase your groceries and any tools you might need (juicer, blender, …).

Can I cleanse while I keep up with my exercises?
Yes. I do & I work with many that do too.
Ultimately you'll be in better shape to perform!

Do I have to change my daily routine for this cleanse?
For one week you are asked to shift your routine in a way that you can take better care of yourself & ultimately your loved ones.
I am a busy working mom of two. So I know how busy & hectic our lives can become. The Cleanse daily routines will actually help you manage it all peacefully.
Also recruiting your friends & neighbors to do this cleanse with you will give you extra support during this week. You can divvy up the work & share preparing meals, snacks & drinks.

Can I do this cleanse? I've never cleansed before!
Yes, you can! Almost everyone can. This cleanse is designed to be easy on your body, in fact it's meant to ease the burdens we put on our bodies daily and over time. It's designed to:
- Provide the digestive system and your body with a rest from hard to digest foods
- Use fiber-rich foods and herbs to help remove toxins from the body
- Reduce the toxic load
- Reduce/eliminate cravings
- Increase nutrients through healthy food intake
- Set the reset button for your body to do its job more optimally
- Enjoy delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and will become a part of your recipe toolbox
- Allow you to fit more easily into your party attires
- Enable you to feel clear-headed and able to tackle the hectic personal & family schedules
- And how about: Get you more compliments on how healthy you look

What is the benefit of signing up with a friend?
You & your friend can work as a team in supporting each other. You can divide the shopping list, the food preparation. And to motivate you a bit more, you receive a break in price when signing up as a team.

How do I sign up?
Go to to sign up using paypal

Can’t wait for our Journey together.
With love & light,

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