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Corporate/Group/Private Classes

Corporate Classes
Did you know that the most commonly given reason for missing work is back pain? Bring yoga to your workplace and offer employees conditioning for a healthier, stronger back; relief from common work and stress-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain and excessive kyphosis (rounded shoulders and upper back); and mindfulness-based meditation and breathing techniques to reduce stress and tension. The deep breathing and relaxation employees practice in yoga can help them return to work refreshed and revived, more focused and poised to make better decisions. Breathe deep and breathe new life into your workplace with corporate yoga classes.

Private Groups
Have you and your friends talked about going to yoga, but never really got down to it? The classes didnít fit your varied schedules? How about picking a time that works for you and bringing in your own personal instructor for a private group ? Build your own yoga class and receive personal attention at a time and a place that works just right for you!

Private Instruction
One on one private instruction is a rich and wonderful way to cultivate a yoga practice. In private sessions Moj can customize a yoga program to accommodate a studentís special goals and concerns- working with specific aims such as weight loss, eliminating back pain or stress reduction. It is a fantastic format for beginning students to establish a foundation in the practice, preparing a student to feel comfortable and safe in a studio class. Personal and individual instruction is also an ideal format for students working with injuries or special needs. It is also an excellent way for more experienced students to fine-tune and deepen their practice. Whether your schedule is simply too loaded to make it to studio classes or if you would just prefer more personalized and focused attention and instruction-private lessons may be the right choice for you!

For a Corporate/Group/Private Classes & Fees, Please Contact Us!.

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